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What game reigned supreme for 2013?

Jacob K
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Well the year is coming to a close, and you know what that means! Game of the year awards! Wooo…yeah…So exciting right?A panel of judges trying to go with a popular game that will make everyone happy!sound great ..right?

Well us a TakuChat are gonna do this a bit different, instead of just choosing which games we Think are better or choosing a safe bet like most GOTY awards do we’re going to leave it up to the site members (That’s you) to tell us what games you think are the best, or if you think nothing deserved the award this year? Well feel free to rant about it!

If you want to write an in depth analysis of why your choice is the  right one then go for it!If you just want to throw out a few names, well thats fantastic to!

As always with these sort of post, discussion is welcome but being a jerk is not allowed.