[Upcoming PS3 Title] The Witch And The Hundred Knight

Anybody heard about the PS3 game, The Witch and the Hundred Knight?
Here’s a video of it’s gameplay and such..

It’s a JRPG from NIS, and I have to say… it looks pretty cool.
It’s up for pre-order on NISA’s Website!

Check it out!

Pre-order the Limited Edition set here ($75)


.. or the Standard Edition here ($50)

That Limited Edition is pretty sweet. :D
Hardcover Artbook, Soundtrack CD’s, and a small figurine (a Nenderoid Petite to be exact.)
I know which set I’m going with.

Once you’re done pre-ordering your copy.. ;)
Come back and let’s talk about it!

Do you think it looks fun, or kinda lame?
Wish it was for the PS4 instead?  (I know I do!)

Other than having beautiful artwork..
I’m not too sure about the battle system yet, hopefully an English trailer comes out soon. :)
Either way.. I’m interested enough to jump in.  I think it looks like fun!  :)