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The Witness is a “Timed exclusive,” will come to Nextbox and WiiU

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A spiritual successor to Mist, witness was one of the Highlights of the the PS4 event as it was advertised as “PS4 exclusive,” However Blow wants to make it clear that its a “timed exclusive,” and nothing more.

Blow’s blog…

There has been worry and speculation on the internet about the PS4 exclusivity that we announced during the press conference, so here are some details to help answer those questions.

Our deal with Sony is a limited-time exclusivity that applies to competing console platforms. Basically it is that you will see the game on the PlayStation 4 for a while before you will see it on the Wii U or the rumored next Microsoft console. (We haven’t been disclosed on Microsoft’s next console, so I don’t know anything about that platform besides the rumors that are on the internet).”