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TakuSnaps March Entries Revealed!

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In late February the users of were asked to submit funny pictures or short videos of their gaming antics, they had until the end of March to get it done. Without further ado, I present to you March’s entries…

(For optimal viewing pleasure I recommend setting up a laughing track and playing it every time you look at a new entry).

And now for the short video entries, only two this month:

Don’t Box Me In -by Professor Bananas Goldsteinberg

Break Dance -by GUN (Mild 3rd Power Spoilers in this one)

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A barrel of laughs I’m sure we’ll all agree. Now that March is done it’s time to look forward to April but we’ll put the LOLs aside for a while as April’s theme will be ‘scenic’ so get out there and capture some nice vistas and whatnot and send them to [email protected] Remember, a maximum of 3 entries per entrant including both pics and vids. Get snapping.

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