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TakuSnaps: March Edition

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I know what you’re thinking:

“What does creative genius, GUN have in store for us now?”

“Does this handsome man really have another fantastic idea?”

“I just love how he sticks “Taku” in front of some other random word and makes it work!”


Stop thinking, empty your mind, find your inner photographer.

Enough of that, I’ve already talked about this on Speakout and March is almost here so I’ll get right down to the meat and potatoes.


Now that we have fancy gaming machines and capture cards that can take screenshots of our games why not have some fun with them? If this is well received then, each month we will have a theme, you must then go and grab a screen from any game (unless specified) that matches that theme, at the end of the month we’ll put all those images together into one article and hang them up on TakuChat’s fridge. Prof Bananas also tried to rip off Vine’s idea by including short video clips and claim it as his own, but don’t worry, I straightened him out. If you want to do a video clip instead that is fine but try to keep them as short as possible, like 10 seconds max. Also for those who choose screens, you may add captions to your image to help it fit the theme or enhance it.

March’s theme will be humour. You have one month to bring me back some hilarious images/short video clips. This is not a competition and humour is subjective so don’t be afraid to join.

Send your entries to: [email protected]

Written By, Daniel

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