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Takuchat Child’s Play idea

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Next month I want to run a 24 hour livestream in support of Child’s Play.  It will need to be between Jan 10th-15th.  This lets me handle most of the 24 hour content if need be during my week off, with ample time to recover before going back to work.

I wanted to get some ideas from the TC community about it.  I know usually the streams are the same person for 24 hours, but it might not be able to be done.  As long as the endgame is met I don’t see an issue passing the Twitch torch from one person to another during the timespan.
Things we’ll need:

  • People
  • A set schedule of games?  Or do we just play whatever during that time
  • If your upload/bandwidth can support streaming with a webcam, this is best.  If not, try to stream with some kind of mic going on

I’ll setup a donor paypal soon so it’s not associated to mine at all.  Since this will be our first attempt, the goal will not be high but anything raised towards the charity is a win in the end.

I’ll keep this article bumped to the top of our page once in awhile and all our discussion can be placed here.