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TakuCast: Zero: Episode 23: The Division Release Pushed To 2015, Titanfall 6v6, inFamous Gameplay and More

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TakuCast Zero: Back with Avrevengence!

Lovable Irish rogue GUN is joined by his hideously deformed assistant podcast host Badger as they discuss what’s hot in gaming news for the first time for 2014.

In this weeks episode:

  • Titanfall 6v6: Is it enough?
  • Titanfall on Xbox 360: Badger tells us why he is wary of the 360 version of Titanfall
  • The Division Delayed?: A rumour with weight eats away at our souls
  • inFamous Second Son Gameplay: GUN tells us how neon penises (penii?) will be the future
  • Evolve: GUN explains to Badger why Left 4 Dead fans should take note of this game for PS4/One/PC
  • Alien Isolation: The Alien game we’ve been waiting for?
  • DayZ Standalone: Badger tells us about his experiences with the popular mod-turned-game
  • Q&A: Badger and GUN answer questions from the Takuchat and Youtube community
  • TakuCast Zero’s GOTY Award: Who will receive the most prestigious GOTY award (from an Irish based gaming podcast between two relatives) for 2013?

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