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Why I firmly believe that Super Smash Bros 4 will have 48 character selection slots, and 50 characters to play as!

It may sound silly, but the math adds up, trust me...

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In a world of constant “leaks”, usually being proven fake, an article like this one may be considered a bit bold… True, it is just a hypothesis, but it’s based on a lot of facts and evidence. Unlike fake leaks … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Explorers releases in Japan This Winter

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This morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation opened with a trailer for the upcoming 3DS game, Final Fantasy Explorers. Square Enix also announced a winter release window for the games Japanese debut. Check out the trailer below-

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Persona Q, Persona 5, and Persona 4 spin-offs confirmed for NA release

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Great news everyone! Atlus has confirmed Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth(3DS), Persona5(PS3), Persona4 Arena Ultimax(PS3), and Persona 4: Dancing All Night(PSVita) will have North American releases. We can expect to see a release date in Autumn 2014 for Persona … Continue reading

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Nintendo Update:3DS Patent Infringement Fine Halved,Pokémon X Sells Out on Amazon Japan(Y is available)

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Nintendo’s 3DS Patent Infringement Fine Halved According to NintendoLife  A U.S. judge “declared” that Seijiro Tomita  should take $15.1 million in damages from Nintendo rather thant the $30.2 million Nintendo put out this statement Nintendo respects the intellectual property rights … Continue reading

Super Smash Bro’s new footage,new characters

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Nintendo revealed the ultra sexy new Smash Bro’s during their Nintendo direct today,it showed some of the new characters who are a Villager from Animal Crossing ,Mega Man and….the Wii-fit trainer… Expect a Release in 2014. Mega Man!!! Wii…fit trainer?..What?