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Super Smash Bros Update

Jacob K
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Beyond the announcement of Charizard and Greninja ( trailer toward bottom) Nintendo also announced that Zero Suit Samus, Sheik and Yoshi are returning to the game.
For some more information check out the highlights below.

3DS-Exclusive Mode

The 3DS version of the game features a mode called Smash Run. In this mode up to4 players run through a dungeon defeating enemies and gaining power ups, at the end they all enter a arena and fight it out.

Online Play
The Online play consists of two modes, the first being “For fun” and the second being “For Glory”!

For Fun – Stages are random (no Final Destination). Items are enabled.
For Glory – Final Destination stages only, No items.

Nintendo is also implementing some measures against “naughty” players. Temp bans will be gave to players who relentlessly target a single person or repeatedly kill themselves, if you frequently drop out of matches, cheat, or report other players for invalid reasons then you can expect the same.

Players will be ranked with the new “Global Smash Power” system. With the higher stat obviously representing the better players.
The stages will be different between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game. While some stages will be similar between the two they will still feel vastly different.

Additionally stages have “Final Destination” versions of themselves, where the stage is basically a flat version of itself.

Watch the Charizard and Greninja trailer here

Watch the Entire Nintendo Direct here