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[Strategy] Why I love Pokémon Black 2′s type-restricted tournaments–and why I win them

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

It’s a statement that’s fueled the Pokémon craze and hundreds of millions of video game sales since the series was first introduced well over a decade ago. Many Trainers from all over the world have endeavored to complete their Pokédexes (in-game electronic encyclopedias with entries that must be manually filled in with successful captures) and to know the satisfaction of not one but many, many jobs well done.

But why?

I enjoy catching Pokémon, but while I’ve completed my creature logbooks a few times, I’ve never really seen much of a point to doing so, in and of itself.

I would capture dozens and dozens of Pokémon, but this wouldn’t always change the way I played the game–at least, that was true at one time. Since careful training takes a great deal of planning and time investment, I prefer to have practical uses for the Pokémon I choose to go after. But what difference will it make if I can continue using the same party of Pokémon to experience the post-game content, such as the Battle Tower and similar how-far-can-I-go challenges?

Gotta Use ‘Em All

Pokémon Black 2 tournament bracket
Each tournament consists of eight participants.

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