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  • http://xblig.co/ Mr. Domino
  • Panama_Punk

    In case you want to try some special flavored jerky with a 15% code of GASSYMEX


  • dracosummoner

    > parents and I are eating Chinese/Japanese food
    > Dad and I order teas that aren’t available, so I get unsweetened tea and he is given oolong
    > “Was Oolong the pig or the cat in Dragon Ball?”
    > Dad doesn’t remember either
    > Mom knows–he was the pig
    > I thought she focused on Sailor Moon

  • Aaron Wilkins

    Doing much better than I thought I would in Bloodborne. Beat the 3rd boss (Blood-Starved Beast) last night. It was kind of funny because I beat it with coop help from a really awesome guy, but I summoned him by accident. Was clearing out that multileveled chapel area (with the dead giant hanging beast) and was trying to molotov enemies down below. But I screwed up the button presses and rang the beckoning bell instead. When he joined I partied up to let him know it was a mistake, but he wanted to help anyway. Showed me where the boss was and a couple shortcuts and then we tackled the boss! I actually died twice (damn fucking poison) but we rejoined each other each time and on the third try beat the boss. Actually, I literally killed it with my dying breath. Right as I died it said “Prey Slaugtered”. But it counted! Managed to make it back and get the 45,000 souls I dropped too which was nice.

    This game is fucking great. This is coming from a guy who never beat the 2nd boss in Demon’s Souls and only the first boss in Dark Souls. This game actually makes me try again and again.

    I’m actually even more proud of my girlfriend though. She beat both the first boss and the 2nd (Father Gasciabhnoidgvnoiwse) in one life! And the second boss was her first time ever fighting him! She got a tad lucky though, as when he was attacking her in his 2nd form he got caught in a tree and she blunderbussed him though. But to be fair he only had like 15% of his health left then. I mean, each of those bosses I couldn’t beat outside of coop! And she did them both in one life on her own!

    Again, game is great.

  • Panama_Punk

    Roommate has gone overboard with eating my food. At first it was just a single poptart out of a box of six packs. Now he’s eating half my salsa jar, 2 of 4 soups I buy (which I try to last throughout the week) and sometimes most of the poptart box. I’ve already started keeping pop tarts in my room, but eating my $2 soup cans so nonchalantly is pissing me off.
    I’m glad I drink grapefruit juice, otherwise they’d probably drink all of that too.

    • Aaron Wilkins

      I hated this when I lived with my girlfriend’s family. I’d let her parents have anything sure, since they allowed me to stay there, but my girlfriend’s sister and her boyfriend ate all of our food like crazy. We purposely would buy our own food so we’d be less of a burden on her parents and also to eat healthy. But her damn sister and her boyfriend kept eating all of my girlfriend’s and mine food! So frustrating. We’d call them out on it, but all they go is “We’d let you have our food without any problems!!” Which seems great and all except they never had food, and when they did it was just junk food. And on top of that, I don’t want to eat someone else’s food! But there was no getting through to them. Ended up getting a minifridge in my girlfriend’s room that I shared with her, which mostly solved our problems but even then they’d steal stuff from it every now and then. And for non-fridge items we had to hide them around the house.

      So glad we have our own place now.

      Good luck with that roommate. Hopefully he’ll listen to reason. But some people are just jerks.

    • Hongo

      Just left Dollar Tree. Tell your roomie to shop there. Got a bunch of junk food.