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  • Hongo
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  • allen

    What do you guys think the finalfantat xv thing will be on the october 31

    • Hongo

      Zombie apocalypse.

      Watch it for Zombie Bahamut.

  • dracosummoner


    Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition is one of the daily deals on the Humble Bundle Store, along with several other Sega games (these have been cheaper, but hey), including a number of other Total War series entries.



    The Typing of the Dead: Overkill and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, both of which are amazing games. are also on sale, but buy Typing from Green Man Gaming for a lower price, especially if you want the DLC. (Just to let you know, Overkill has a ton of language–I have seen some people complain–but if you’re concerned about actually having to type language, the game should come with a free Football Manager add-on, that should tell you how seriously this game generally takes itself. You can set the game up so the worst thing you ever even maybe have to type is “d–n trumpets.” Using the code SPOOKY-TREATS-GMG20X, with a minimum spending of $10 (buying the base game and some DLC would probably work), will also give you a 20% discount good on most titles.


    Arma III has a free weekend on Steam.


    The publisher Deep Silver has its games significantly marked down on Steam, including the redux and old versions of Metro 2033.


    Wolfenstein: The New Order is $30 on GameFly instead of $60 as part of a Halloween Horror Sale that also includes a number of other id games such as several Quake and Doom titles. Both Doom 3 and its BFG Edition are available for sale and discount.

  • P_Punk

    Placed my order for the Z3, was supposed to be no money down, but I guess my credit score made me pay some up front. Phone is backordered though :/
    Can’t wait to try out that remote play though. And my current crappy phone has been pissing me off a lot lately too.

    • Hongo

      My S4 has been bugging out.

      And it received a FW update yesterday and is worse.

      They kill these things with “stability updates” I don’t care what they say.

    • P_Punk

      My phone has been buggin out for the past year.
      The android update on my current phone made it so much worse. Sony never made it powerful enough to handle it, so it constantly crashed and overheated.

    • http://iadagraca.com/ BasedWolf

      Go to bestbuy and have the samsung people there run it through their system. Does wonders and it’s free.

    • D4rkh4x0rer

      How much did they charge you?

  • charanb

    Billhy boyd (pippin) will be singing the end credits to battle of the five armies


  • P_Punk

    I think I will just switch to T-Mobile and the the Xperia Z3. It even comes with Driveclub for free if I get it soon.
    Prices aren’t much different from ATT anyways. Switching my service over will be a long and grueling process I expect though.

  • Hongo

    Did the site die?

    • dracosummoner

      Not sure, but I can see your post just fine.

  • Hongo
    • dracosummoner