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  • Dryd Aykma



    PAYDAY 2


  • Dryd Aykma

    I totally forgot the new Blazblue was out. Saw all the DLC. Much sadness happened. I saw Kokonoe and Terumi, and new guy Kagura. Much want.

    That game’s swamped with DLC, too. I wish fighting games didn’t have DLC. I don’t know who to blame for that. I’m fairly certain it’s Soul Calibur IV, though. I think I remember that Yoda/Vader were the first cases of character DLC in a fighting game, at least. If you want to be awkwardly picky and say that they don’t fully count because they were on the different console versions already, as opposed to straight up new characters, then it’d be Blazblue: Continuum Shift when they added in Makoto Nanaya, Queen of the Underboob.


    That’s the Chronophantasma (newest game) artwork. I think her boobs have gotten bigger.

    • Phantomlink


  • Dryd Aykma

    Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Duels is on PS3.

    And it’s swamped the ‘Latest Add-Ons’ section of the store.

  • Dryd Aykma

    Nintendo are doing Season Passes? Weird. I just hope they don’t cut down on stuff in Mario Kart and Smash Bros. And Pokémon.

  • Leon Evelake

    Everybody having a good day?
    Wanna change that?

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler


    • Hongo

      What I don’t get is that they always advertise Marley and Me as a family comedy. Sure, it has it’s funny moments, but it is a heartbreaking film (more so if you’re a dog lover and owner).

  • Hongo

    Quentin Tarantino’s lawsuit against Gawker Media for leaking his movie script was thrown out.


    • Leon Evelake

      That is bs.

  • Hongo

    I think everyone is downloading Octodad.

    Store is slow tonight.

  • PanamaPunk

  • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

    “She played us like a damn fiddle, it was ours, we built it damn it, start talking bitch”

    Picture that being said by a hysterical Roger from American Dad.

    That is the kind of voice messages I get from Hongo.

    The guy is nuts with the voices. I almost want to do a BabyGAP where we pretend we have Seth MacFarlane as a guest.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    Anyone have some time to edit this up ?


    Do it !!

  • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

    @DigitalWolf:disqus somehow only noticed that wordpress has a podcast type post. Gonna upload the audio of the latest ep for shits and giggles and see how it works. But I see an option that says ‘block from iTunes’. I remember some talk of podcasts going up on iTunes before but don’t remember how it ended. Is it tough to get them on iTunes?

    • Phantomlink

      You have to apply and send in the first one for them to approve, then you need to manage an RSS feed for Itunes to grab the data and download link from since they don’t host the episodes themselves.

      I played around with it ( and the podcast option in WordPress ) for a little months ago. I had Takucast registered on iTunes and was going to rip the two series and upload them but it got… confusing since the best method was Soundcloud however you need to pay a pretty penny for that