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[SpeakOut About] Your Submitted Best Gaming Events From 2013

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Last week I asked the Takuchat community to tell me what their favorite gaming events from 2013 were. To list this, I’ll start with the earliest and move from there, making commentary as we go.

(I apologize for this taking so long; I’ve been busy with A LOT of stuff lately.)

February 20


Feb 20th when the PS4 was finally revealed (kinda) – Generic-User-Name

This date marks one of the most anticipated reveals of the last couple years: while the reveal wasn’t perfect, it did its job and got people excited for the possibilities this new generation of consoles would offer.

I think the PS4 announcement was pretty epic. Got me excited for next-gen consoles and new games in general. – PanamaPunk

Well said, Punk…

Nevermind that I canceled my preorder and got a Wii U. It was still an exciting evening. – PanamaPunk

We all get our fix somehow, and honestly the release of Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U in the midst of two console launches was genius. It’s clear that Nintendo can bust out a trick or two out every now and then.

June 6 (And other Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f-relevant dates)


Our users TimesTicking and Hitokiri_Ace were RAVING abo-wait let me count the comments on this…ah, no, screw that, too many comments. On second thought, they made a lot of comments about Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f on the Vita. Ace even imported it and made a review. Then they proceeded to flip when it got localized for the West! Their love of this game has been legendary on TakuChat. So to little surprise…

[June 6] Only announcement I enjoyed was that Sega was bringing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F outside of Japan. – timesticking


I’m going to go all niche here.. The fact that Sega decided to give us Vocaloid fans some love. Bringing over Project Diva F, and the Vita version soon.. it’s awesome.. and honestly it was something I never thought I would see. :) I hope to be able to support these games from now on. :) – Hitokiri_Ace

Yup, totally didn’t see that coming. While these two weren’t the only users here interested in the game, they were just the loudest… and most frequent. Stay classy, guys.

June 10 – 15 (E3)


June 10 is memorable for so many reasons, mainly because this was during the time of E3, during the time before then THERE WAS SO MUCH DAMN SPECULATION ABOUT NEXT-GEN. It was utterly tiring and I hope next time I’m on the “inside looking out” and laughing at the wars being waged in the name of “what could be,” as well as at how badly news sites stir the pot. The furor wasn’t completely unjustified, however. That Xbox One DRM controversy got pretty serious causing Microsoft to reverse the policy shortly after E3, and the sting is still felt to this day. I think the majority of us thought the whole thing was a really bad marketing joke, but it turned out not to be. Thankfully, things changed.

This is an article about the best things of 2013, and talking about all that bad is leading up to this…


The crowd reaction was phenomenal, and to think that this was even a necessary announcement. At a time when people thought next-gen meant a time of cracking down on game ownership Sony went up on stage and basically said that was ridiculous, and the crowd went wild like almost nothing I’ve seen at a gaming conference.

If that wasn’t enough, the announcements at the end probably brought some gamers to TEARS.


The combo of a new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now titled as Final Fantasy XV) and the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III was just too much (submitted by me and KingKellogg). You flipped out, I flipped out, and this was the feeling of Square Enix being such a damn tease for so long then finally showing us something. That’s the kind of buildup and release that that can only be felt after YEARS of waiting for it. Seriously, Square Enix, that’s borderline torture.

In the midst of the announcement madness, we were actually playing something too. The Last Of Us made by Naughty Dog, was released during this time (June 14). It was Game of the Year for a lot of people, even surpassing GTA V which some people expected to win by default.

June 14th (I think) TLoU was my best gaming experience of the year (I expected it to be GTA V, but the online just isn’t where they said it would be yet). Also I think TLoU has the best opening to any game I’ve played, it knocks Uncharted 2 off that spot for me. – Generic-User-Name

Well said, Grand Theft Auto V’s online needs work! It’s getting there, though. The Last of Us was striking in its story, gameplay, visuals–despite my own criticisms–and online features. It was a fantastic sendoff for what may be Naughty Dog’s last game on the console. If you haven’t played it, you definitely missed what is probably the best game of 2013. I’ll cap off this section with some exciting announcements for some of our users.

June 15th (I think) Seeing The Division for the first time which proved that the leap between the 7th and 8th gen is indeed as big as the leap from 6th to 7th.- Generic-User-Name

KI (even though I ended up not liking it) – King Koopa

And last but not least

MIRRORS EDGE!!! – CharanJeet

Yup, glad to see that coming, provided horrible things like this don’t affect it…*twitch* Sorry, it’s hard for me to be optimistic, because I don’t think my heart can take the disappointment.

The Mystery of Metal Gear Solid V

Now here’s another topic of confusion for a lot of people…

Losing faith in MGS V: no Hayter, concerns of traditional metal gear gameplay being brought to an open world where crutches are necessary (slow mo alert prevention, marking enemies) to keep it fair, likely retconning, stupid staggered release and no physical copy for 8th gen systems. I’m probably (hopefully) gonna be proven wrong about it but I have a bad feeling about it. – Generic-User-Name

Many people are indeed skeptical, and I certainly get it. On the other hand, I am optimistic here! I see a lot of inspiration from Peace Walker, which I loved, and I also see some pretty neat gameplay ideas beyond the controversial stuff, such as bullet drop and the lack of a hovering map. I think in the end we’ll all enjoy the game, even if it’s not quite the Metal Gear we grew up with. On top of that, the gameplay isn’t the only controversial topic.

Challenger Approaching!


If somehow next-generation consoles, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f didn’t generate any buzz for you this year, I can imagine THIS announcement AT LEAST did SOMETHING for you, you soulless bastard. For everyone else after the horror of Mega Man’s last appearance, the appearance of Mega Man in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U is FAR FAR FAR less of an insult. In fact, it’s true to the classic Mega Man in basically every way. If I could sum up the experience of this matter for most people, it would probably look like this YouTube video.

Yup, that does sum it up nicely.

Console Sales


This one is another I decided to add, as it’s kind of a big deal. For the longest time, I’ve seen people saying that video-game consoles are dying. Now I can proudly tell them to shut up. I don’t really have anything else to say about that… The next-generation console sales, over less than two months, are exactly what was needed. New consoles have been long overdue, and this shows in their sales numbers, but they still have a ways to go before they get their footing over the last generation of hardware. The majority of features we’re expecting have not been implemented yet, and we’re not seeing too many games take that full “next-gen” leap like we’re expecting. After that launch, however, it’s easy to be nothing but optimistic.

Google+ People

I decided to take this to Google+ and see what kind of response I could generate, I got a few. Enjoy!

+Bailey Pritchard

Squadding up on Dust 514 with my buddies and killin’ fools!

Dust 514 was a game I didn’t get into but maybe I should have, I played during the early beta stages and it didn’t catch me, but I hear it had GREATLY improved later on. Might be worth coming back to this year?

+Emanuel Monte

Kicking ass on BF3 which rocks

Did this a few times myself sir, jolly good time. Thanks for the submission!

+Otaku Alex

mega-man-8-bit-deathmatch-12*walks in with some slightly obscure game you probably never heard of*

Playing MM8BDM with the Saxton Hale mod, then recoding said mod to add my own player-bosses for it to be more fun and exiting.

I’m well aware of megaman 8-bit deathmatch! But saxton hale mod?

It’s a mod where a player is randomly selected to be boss. However, people are slightly split about how it should be done. Some want to redo it so it only has Mega Man bosses instead of bosses from different franchises (Naive Braixen), some want to keep it how it is while adding new bosses (me and my pal Stardust), while others want to keep it from its last official version except with class compatibility (MrL).

Huh…That sounds so legit, I’ll have to try that this year.

Kieran Attrill

stanley parableHonestly, even with how short it was and how many of the endings were at best confusing, Stanley Parables was a game that really stood out for just not being like normal games. Indie stuff can be complete shit, don’t get me wrong, but there’s no way a AAA publisher would ever have allowed a game that, in such simple ways, allowed the user to really experience lack of choice in such a meaningful way.

*Backlog extends further by adding the Stanley Parable to the list*


“What is the dump list?” you ask? Remember when I asked for some sort of format and including a date? No? Didn’t do neither? Well you’re dumped on this section here for lack of effort…

My favorites were… KI (even though I ended up not liking it) Megaman in Smash Windwaker HD Into the nexus – koop


PS4 reveal. The Last of Us. All of E3 and the memes that followed. Puppeteer. Pokemon X. GTA Online. TC Zero. PS4 release. Other little things I’m forgetting. – hongo

I would love to talk more about TakuCast Zero but this is a two way street hongo, gotta gimme something or else I’m just tooting our own horn. You can also call me lazy but…well yeah.

Actually, the announcement of Persona 5, Persona 4 Arena 2, Persona Q, and Persona 4: Dancing All Night was epic. It was pretty damn awesome what they did and the one I am looking forward to most is Persona 4: Dancing All Night since the team doing it is the Project Diva F team. – TimesTicking

indeed… Everyone else got lucky cause the dates were inadvertently referenced by another post, or I considered the suggestion good enough to post anyway (and without a date).


All and all it was a great year, even history making. I’m certainly looking forward to a changes and troubles of this year. And I’m certain there will be A LOT. Thanks for being with us this far guys.