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Nintendo Update:3DS Patent Infringement Fine Halved,Pokémon X Sells Out on Amazon Japan(Y is available)

Jacob K
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Nintendo’s 3DS Patent Infringement Fine Halved

According to NintendoLife  A U.S. judge “declared” that Seijiro Tomita  should take $15.1 million in damages from Nintendo rather thant the $30.2 million

Nintendo put out this statement

Nintendo respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and is confident that none of its products infringes the asserted patent. Nintendo will appeal the jury’s verdict and reduced damages award to the court of appeals.

Seijiro Tomita is apparently still reviewing the decision and hasn’t made any comment on it. 

Pokémon X Sells Out on Amazon Japan in Less than Five Days

It’s been five days since pre-orders were made available for the upcoming Pokemon X and games on Amazon Japan, and one half of the pair has already sold out completely across the entire website.

If you’re in Japan and need some Pokemon, well looks like Y might be your choice.