[News] Project Diva f/F 2nd is up for pre-order!

Ready for another rhythm game with your favorite Vocaloids?  Good!
Though, before you run off to AmiAmi to reserve your copy (*links below).. there’s a few points worth thinking about.


First up.. should you wait and see if Sega will bring this title overseas?
If you are only planning on getting one version of the game.. Yes.
Odds are, that inside of a few months, the game will at least be announced to be headed to NA markets.
Supporting the games in our market is important to ensure that sequels have equal chances at coming over as well.
It comes down to being patient, and really, it’d be worth your time in the end having translations on everything.

*There are pre-order bonus’ though!  The Vita gets the drawstring pouch here..

*.. and the PS3 version comes with this messenger bag..

Next up in choices is..  for which console do you want the game?  The PS3, or the Vita?
Just a guess, but like last time.. the Vita will run @30fps, where the PS3 will be @60fps.
I’m going to go with the Vita, as portability far outweighs the downsides to me. :)

Anybody have anything to add, or discuss?
Feel free to have a hay day in the comments and talk about it. :D

Vita Pre-Order Link
PS3 Pre-Order Link

*Also, heads up.. with shipping.. these will probably run you ~$70 or so.