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New Humble Bundle!

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Get ready for a bundle so fine, it’s Double Fine!

OK, that’s enough booing. Though seriously, grab some great games from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine studio.

Psychonauts (regularly $10), Costume Quest (regularly $15), and Stacking (regularly $15) are all included in the bundle, and Brutal Legend (regularly $20) is a bonus if you pay more than the average price. The average price at the time of this posting was $8.02, so not a bad deal at all for 4 excellent games that together would retail $80. That’s a 90% discount! (Disclosure: I haven’t yet played Brutal Legend, but I have faith in them)

Also included with a purchase of $35, you become a “Slacker Backer” for their new, Kickstarter-funded adventure game.

Included with a $70 purchase is all of the above, and a Double Fine T-shirt. Cool swag if you’re a big fan, though a bit out of my comfortable price range.

So hop on it! You know you want it!

(I hope it’s alright that I used their image for the header, feel free to edit it if it’s not cool.)