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Music Drop: Red Dead Redemption

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I’ve recently found myself listening to these 3 songs over and over again. They are quite soothing and are fitting for the beauty of Red Dead’s world. Strange thing is you’ll only hear these songs once during a playthrough and you’ll almost forget RDR’s soundtrack has tracks with vocals. Anyway, here’s my top 3:

#3. Far Away by Jose Gonzales

The guitar seems to have a dream-like quality and I think this track proves that less is more as it feels pretty minimal.

#2. Compass by Jamie Lidell

John has done his dirty work and is rewarded with news that his wife and son are waiting for him at their farmhouse, this track plays as he makes the long ride on horseback to meet them.

#1. Deadman’s Gun by Ashtar Command

Very sad, very fitting.

R.I.P Buddy



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