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Metal Gear Solid V: The David Hayter Conspiracy

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I should preface this by stating that Hideo Kojima likes to mess with us and is not above lying to our faces if it means hiding a surprise.

Exhibit A: The Date of the Tweet

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We all know that legendary voice actor, David Hayter, who voices the equally legendary, Solid and Naked Snake characters from the Metal Gear series has told us that he will not be returning for Metal Gear Solid V. He even went into detail about how he felt about the news. However, I and many others, have suspicions about this being completely true. Firstly look at the date on his twitter message, April 1st, otherwise known as April Fools day, surely he could have waited a day to post that message to avoid rampant speculation? He must have been aware of how suspicious it would look.

Exhibit B: Akio Otsuka

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But that could just be a coincidence, so let’s look to the Japanese version of the voice cast for more damning evidence. Akio Ōtsuka is the Japanese version of David Hayter, he has voiced Solid Snake, Naked Snake and I believe he voiced Solidus Snake too. Akio’s voice appeared in the demo for Ground Zeroes that was released last year and Kojima has stated that Ground Zeroes is part of MGS V, therefore Akio will be in MGS V. Now then, why keep Akio in the Japanese version but remove, much beloved, David Hayter from the English version? In this interview with Geoff Keighley Kojima claims that the reason for this is that V is a new type of Metal Gear game and he wanted the new actor to reflect that. So Kojima-san, you want the English version to be different but not the Japanese version? Odd to say the least, it would have made more sense if he said that Big Boss is becoming more like he was in MGS4, hence the change in voice.

Exhibit C: Hayter’s Secret

Want more evidence? Fellow Takuchat author Gigus pointed out a recent tweet from Hayter where he playfully teased…

This could be anything of course but I’m sure Hayter knew what his fans would interpret this as when he posted this. SUSPICIOUS.

Exhibit D:  The Video

This next piece of ‘evidence’ is the weakest and should be taken with all the salt in the sea but here it is.

In the video we have a person in ‘Ishmael’ bandages with a Moby Dick/ Phantom Pain t-shirt on. He is speaking but the sound is muted, instead, Microsoft Sam speaks for him. The reason the voice is hidden is because he is implying himself to be David Hayter. Skeptical? Good, you should be but there are a couple of other clues with this video. He asks to be referred to as Mr. Oni and his Youtube account name is OnigawaraV, how is this significant? Well remember Project Ogre? It was said to have ‘Onis’ (Japanese devils) in it as a supernatural presence, along with an open world and 100+ hours of gameplay. This adds up to The Phantom Pain being Project Ogre. The avatar for the Youtube channel (which only has this one video and was created mere days before now by the way) is a devil’s trident and when we put all this together I have to say that if this is a hoax, which it likely is, then the guy deserves credit for his attention to detail.

Exhibit E: Possible Misdirection

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One other thing I’d like to mention, the new voice of Big Boss that we heard during the gameplay demo, we only heard it very briefly. It would be VERY easy to get a random guy in to voice those three, or so, words and cause a whole lot of discussion while still having Hayter work secretly.

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My honest opinion though, I believe that V will have this new voice actor for most of it, however the Ground Zeroes portion of the title has potential to be voiced by Hayter and let’s not rule out a surprise ending where Solid Snake, voiced by Hayter, shows up at the end to take down Big Boss. Solid would only be 11 at the time Big Boss wakes from his 9 year coma but don’t rule out the possibility of the story spanning many years.

So fellow Haytorians, do you believe?

As always, anything to add then please do so below.

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