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Look at My Loot: Post Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Gets Here

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Thanksgiving is gone. It’s officially the holiday where American’s give thanks to the great deals the pilgrim gods and goddesses bless the shoppers of this country with by gnawing on cooked animals and fuel up to battle rabid shoppers at your favorite retailers.

All of that fun out of the way, welcome to Look at My Loot: The official article/thread to brag and gloat about the deals you snagged this year. You can even post about your off the wall encounters with crazy, rabid shoppers who flock to the stores along with you.

You get pushed. You your heels hit by damn shopping carts, which make you want to sock some pushy old hags in the face, but we can’t do that, only fantasize.

Fire away.

As for myself, I snagged several things. One thing I couldn’t find was the advertised Disney Infinity starter set that was over half off, only finding the 3DS and Wii versions, wanting the PS3 version myself. Here’s hoping for Cyber Monday to pull through.

The rest of it you can check out in the picture.


What did YOU get?