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Katawa Seiyu: A Katawa Shoujo Fandub!

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So, me being a fan of (yes, it’s kind of a plug, but it’s necessary for the explanation so hush) I follow a few of their video producers on Twitter. Linkara, Nostalgia Chick, Todd In The Shadows, Nash. One of my favourites though is Jesu Otaku. Her anime reviews are splendid, always entertaining. I even watch her livestream when I can – being in England makes it somewhat difficult sometimes. But on Twitter, she recently posted up something I found very, very interesting. A Katawa Shoujo fandub. This seems very much interesting people. Here’s the trailer first. So, it’s time to meet Hisao:

Guys, this seems very promising to me. Liking Hisao’s voice. There’s no other video’s up yet, but they’re going to be revealing two members of the cast each week through January, and the Prologue will be up, and fully voiced, on Valentine’s Day. Wait, I said “will be up” didn’t I? What does that mean?

Well, they’ll be posting videos up on YouTube, using a liberal amount of annotation link things to emulate playing the game normally. So… That’s going to be quite a huge spattering of videos up on Valentine’s Day. But what comes after that? Well, they’ll be posting each path, one after the other. No word on who’s up first, or what the posting schedule will be like, but here’s hoping for more info on that soon. Now, just to get some other questions I imagine would come up quickly with this, at least for people who know a bit about this already.

This is an eroge isn’t it? What’s being done about the sex scenes? Well, they’ll be in the game, almost wholly intact. The script is completely unaltered, so we’ll have every tidbit of that awkward stuff voiced! Hurrah! The images, however, are being trimmed a bit to keep out whatever naughty bits there happen to be in the original image.

Shizune’s deaf, right? She only signs. Is she being voiced? Yes. Yes she is. And they have a good justification as well. Misha, her interpreter will be voiceing for the most part (throughout the prologue and every other path) but in Shizune’s path, Hisao learns sign language (this is not a spoiler, it’s common sense). At first, Hisao will be voicing during that segment, but as he becomes more fluent, Shizune will have her own voice. It makes sense.

And those are the questions I’d expect people to go to first. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re going to want to know something else. If so, here’s the FAQ. I’ve basically reiterated a few of the parts from that here, but maybe you wanted to know something else, and maybe it has your answer. Either way, there’s the project. They’ve got their YouTube channel (obviously), and they’ve got a Facebook page as well, if you want to ‘like’ them over there.

And there you have it. Katawa Seiyu, a Katawa Shoujo fandub. I’m keeping an eye on this. I hope you do too!