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Final Fantasy 13-3 is Using “Elements” From Versus 13

Jacob K
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FF Dream recently spoke with SquareEnix’s Julien Merceron, in their discussion they were able to unearth a few details about Final Fantasy 13-3 and Versus 13.

When speaking of Lightning Returns they stated that development is moving along swiftly,and that the game is currently undergoing focus testing.In regards to the tech behind 13-3  they stated that it  is using elements from Final Fantasy Versus 13 as well as elements from 13 and 13-2.He then stated that 13-3 will be very different from previous iterations of the Final Fantasy series.

In regards to Final Fantasy Versus 13 he simply stated  that the project is still in development and that the the project is very ambitious, and that’s why it’s taking so long. He then said once the project is revealed(again),  people will be happy to have waited.

There is no release set for either game.

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