How do I start a new post?

It’s simple to start a post. You can either click the ‘+ New’ button on the WordPress header located on top of the page OR click the ‘New Post’ link located under your WordPress Gravatar. Do note that you must have a WordPress account and be logged in. The login for WordPress is located on the right-hand side of the page. Oh, and it IS possible to post from the WordPress app in case you get the urge to post while on the go.

Please remember to go over our Article Guidelines.

How do I add to the event calendar?

On the right-hand side of the page you may notice a small listing of upcoming events or game releases, this is part of our event calendar which displays 4 events which are the closest to occurring. These events are usually game release dates but gaming conferences, game nights and cosplay events are also displayed here among others. These events are colour coded to convey event type easier.

To add an event to the calendar you must first have the necessary permission to edit it, once you have you can click on ‘Event Calendar’ under the ‘Community’ dropdown list on the top of the page, you’ll be taken to a view of the current month. On the top left, just above the calendar, click “Add Event” to open up the Ajax Event Calendar. From here it’s as simple as clicking on the date you want the event to begin, this will open up an ‘Event Form’ which has a few options that will allow you to add more detail to your entry if you want.

You MUST add a title and a description for the event, the rest is optional but we recommend that you put as much detail into your entry as possible. You can select the duration of the event, if it is an all day event then tick the ‘All Day’ box however if it is only for a few hours of the day untick the ‘All Day’ box and you can input the exact duration in hours. You may want to know that the Event Calendar goes by U.S Eastern time.

You also have the option to select if the event repeats and, if so, how many days intervals (30 days max). Next you’ll want to select a category to better define your event and colour code it, at present there are 5 categories to choose from:

  • TakuChat Event: This pertains to site related events which are specific to TakuChat only.
  • New Game Release: Pretty self explanatory.
  • Gaming Conference: E3, GDC and TGS are just some examples of events which should be included in this category.
  • Mystery Event: For the events that don’t quite fit into other categories or things we don’t yet know about (a countdown timer on a developers website for example)
  • Let’s Play!: For the occasions when TakuChat members come together to murder each other online in a variety of games on a variety of platforms.

You can also add a particular venue and a link to any related websites for added detail. Once you’ve done that just click ‘Add’ and you’ve taken your first step in the exciting world of calendar data entry, how rad is that?!

What is TakuChats policy on NSFW content in articles?

The article must have [ NSFW ]  in the title.

NSFW content should be hidden where possible using the NSFW tags.

NSFW tags when used display like so.


To do this simply wrap the content like displayed below but without spaces between the brackets.

[ NSFW ] Some mad sexiness is displayed here [ /NSFW ]

This can be done anywhere in the post. There are also alternatives like for instance “hide” will work too.

How do I add headers to my articles? (A.K.A Bold titles)

Headers exist to organize your content and also makes google happy. The break up text and can organize and article into parts. Headers are generally necessary for this site to be successful! Please use them!

Below is a gif showing how made on this very article.

My Sexy Looking Title

Adding a header


Note there are Header 1, 2, etc each one progressively gets smaller.

You should generally never use header 1, thats the header for the article title, and you don’t want the reader or google confused. Think of it as a hierarchy of main and sub headers. Like below.

  • Header 1
    • Header 2
      • Header 3
      • Header 3
    • Header 2
      • Header 3
    • Header 2

I’ll sometimes skip header sizes depending on the article, but the hierarchy is the same.


How Can I Customize Posting to a Social Network?

All new takuchat articles post to our various social network sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more. The first three can be customize per post and also easily reposted later on. Try not to repost no more than once per week if you do.

Please make sure you make changes to social network posts before you first submit the post and also after you hit “Update” to make sure the changes are applied.

Here’s how.

Customizing Social Posts


Look for the “Next Scripts: Social Networks Auto Poster” box at the bottom of your post editor. You can customize the post there. Editing this post to networks may require “Authorship” before having access.

For information on editing and formatting these posts visit the “SNAP” website.

What are the Takuchat Colors?

#849E34 – Accent green

#D4FD5C  – Night Yellow Green

#CA4B5E – Night Red

#6DC2ED – Night Light Blue

#15345C – Accent Dark Blue

Adobe Kuler Link


#333333 – BackGround

#222222 – Body

Black & White

Where can I download the Pixel Stars image and Logo?

Here’s the collection of images that have been made.

To save them, right click the thumb and select “Save link as…”