Takuchat Development

How can I get involved in developing Takuchat?

If  you have web design experience or simply want to mess around and make suggestions we’d love to have you involved. But you’ll need a way to work with our theme and such.

Below you’ll find a guide for getting a local wordpress installation set-up on your pc, so you can have the freedom to try plugins, make theme changes among other things either to learn on your own or to submit to us for changes to the site.


What exactly makes up Takuchat?

Takuchat is built on WordPress, and a theme called “basic” from Themify. These two in combination with a number of customizations, plugins and other things makes up our site.

What kind of changes can I submit to Takuchat?

Anything really, once submitted to us either on Speakout or through email we’ll review what you’ve done and assess if its a good fit for the site. And we’ll work with you if anything doesn’t quite fit.

The main reason we’re doing this is because our site team is very small and in the end we can’t think up everything or do everything. But those users with the skill who want to contribute matter, and we’ll take any idea within reason very seriously. Especially if you took the time to demonstrate it to us.

Ok, so what do I need to download? How do I get started?

The very first step is following this guide from the wordpress folk themselves. You this guide will show you how to get the full wordpress working right on your desktop, and provides some nice tools for coding and such through the program called WebMatrix (WebPI).

Easy 5 Minute WordPress Installation on Windows

If the page wasn’t loaded already in your web browser go to “localhost:00000/wp-admin/setup-config.php”, the zeroes being specific to whatever WebPI set-up set. You can find this out by loading your site in WebMartix then clicking “Run” to try and load your page through a web browser.

THe alternative is easier!

Easier InstantWP installer for Windows

For mac there’s a self contained installer for you to use, never used this myself but it should work fine.

I’m sure there are a number of options for this but the rest of this guide is not dependant on what you use.

Ok its installed and WordPress is working, what do i do now?

Well all that’s left to do is download the files, first off you need to get the base theme our theme is built off of called “Basic”. You can download the theme for free from Themify here. We choose a Themify theme due to their feature set and constant updates. Its a big part of what makes our site look like it does, and do it easily.

Now this theme needs to be installed by extracting the “Basic” folder to “/wp-content/themes/”, there’s no need to activate the theme though. You’ll find this folder locally on your computer in the directory your site is installed. You’ll find more info on installing themes here and other places.

Now to install our theme,  this involves four steps, downloading the files, installing the theme, loading the back-up, and “uploading” the logo.

So first off the download, here you can download the latest version of the theme from at this link (9/4/2013). just hit the download button at the top right.

Simply drop that folder into the themes area (a.k.a install it) and load up the theme! But its not complete yet, the backup must be loaded.

So with the theme installed select “Takuchat Night” in the menu to the left, then select “Transfer” on the top right of the interface that comes up. Select the big “Import button” and find the Takuchat_Back_up.zip folder. You might need to change “Custom Files” to “All Files” to see it.

Once that’s loaded in the only thing left to do is load in the Takuchat logo!

In that same window you’ll see “Styling” on the top left, click that then in the menu to the left you’ll see “Site Logo”. After selecting that make sure that under “Display” the first section, the “Image” bubble is selected.

Then Select upload and find the “Takuchat_text-logo.png” in the folder you downloaded, it should be under the “Takuchat Images Pack” folder.


And now you’re done!


Great! Wait why is everything so empty?

Well obviously a site needs content, SO GET TO WORK!

Actually there’s an easier solution…

“Basic” comes with some filler content to load, its very useful stuff although it doesn’t reflect our content standards and uses features we don’t use. That said you can find out how to install that at the link below.

Importing Sample Content Tutorial


What needs to be worked on with the Takuchat Website?

Please be aware this is not updated frequently…

You’ll find instructions for getting involved with site design in this FAQ


  • Improve general page loading speed
  • Resolve potential (and recurring) database errors due to pre-set wordpress resource limits

Site design

  • Create “Day/Light” theme for users to use when prefered, some people apparently view a dark site as a porn site…so yeah.
  • Use CSS to design the “SpeakEasy” sidebar widget to look more sexy and less like simple text on a side bar, this needs a full revamp of its look
  • Change “star” images to have more consistent appearance with more recent images
  • Customize home page “Featured Image” slider
    • Fix so that image is centered rather than oriented from the top
    • Make navigation buttons visible
    • Add takuchat colors
    • Improve responsive design for smaller screen sizes.
  • Improve page design on much smaller screen sizes (mobile)
    • Make featured image extend across page on mobile devices
    • restore admin bar due to improved usability
    • Improve “sponsored elements” on mobile devices to improve visibility
  • Add more site identifying content on the homepage to improve user post visibility and site identity
  • Work on ‘non-intrusive’ sponsored links throughout the site to support paying for our server and other aspects.

Site Content Improvements

  • Complete FAQ page content, we need FAQ’s for;
    • Creating posts, formatting guidelines, adding images and other stylizing functions related to making quality posts
    • Getting registered on Takuchat and Disqus
    • How to gain “Authorship” on Takuchat
    • How to get involved with posting video content on our channel
    • Game Review guidelines for more consistency (following is optional)
    • List of site volunteer jobs open
  • Add “TakuChat Videos” page to display TakuChat associated user videos
  • Improve podcasting integration

That is all for now…

What are some great tools for web development?

Here is a list of free tools I use personally.

Web browser

A web browser is very important because it gives you a peek at the visible code on the site and lets you have fun with it.

Currently our site favors Chrome and Firefox for development, so please choose one or both of those to have around. Both have fantastic development tools for websites.

Look for the “inspect element” option on the right-click menu.

Document/ Code Editor

Notepad++ is an awesome application for editing code, and it provides a good amount of visual information for coding. It should pretty much be the main thing you use.

FTP/filesystem access

FileZilla is excellent for accessing server files, you’ll find various online guides for getting it set-up

Server Access

While the majority of users don’t have server access to Takuchat, Putty is what i use for SSH access; there’s honestly not much to say about that.

Design/ Illustration

Inkscape is suitable for making infinitely scalable designs.

GIMP is a well known and free picture-editing solution.

Have suggestions for tools on this page?

Contact us here!

Who is Takuchat Hosted By?