What are the requirements for a “Featured Post”?

Featured posts appear on the slider on the homepage and possibly other areas of the site as well; they demonstrate quality articles from our users and for our community. This is to prevent user posts from being quickly buried by other articles.

Authors should not set their post as a “Featured post” on their own or without permission from a moderator, it should be set by an Editor or above. There are multiple reasons for this, things like verifying the quality and standards of the article, ensuring the featured post slider isn’t immediately filled among other reasons. Generally so long as an article is on the front page (especially the first 5 posts) it technically doesn’t  benefit from being on the post slider; so it isn’t necessary for a new post to immediately go to the slider.

You can ask for pre-approval of a featured article from any moderator keeping the former paragraph in mind.

Also meeting or failing the requirements by no means guarantees whether a post will be included in “Featured Posts”, it is at the discretion of site moderators. The following is a guideline for easily establishing that standard.

The “Featured Post” requirements are as follows.

  • Must be an original article, and not entirely news reporting. Original article means the primary source and topic of the content is not from another websites content. This does not mean an article Discussing content from another source isn’t original provided the text discussing the topic represents the majority of the post and isn’t simply a rehash of the source topic. An article written by the user on another site is not automatically ineligable.
  • The Featured Image from the article must exceed or meet 860px width by 300px height, meaning the image must be larger than our largest featured image box. This is due to scaling issues with the plugin, not doing so damages the appearance of the site. Also Higher resolution images simply look better on the home page, and articles than up scaled low res images. This also means the article holds to the standards of other site content providers as well (like for instance Flipboard). Should an image you want to use fall below this standard with no other option, I recommend upscaling the image in an image editing program. Afterall the most important factor here is image size, not necessarily image quality, but do make an effort to make it look nice please.
  • Must exhibit proper spelling, grammar, and formatting we have users here that specialize in this, please ask for help on our SpeakOut forum for help BEFORE POSTING.
  • The user does not already have a featured article, with exception given at the discretion of moderators on a case by case scenario.

Questions about these guidelines can be asked on our Contact Us page or on SpeakOut