Why does Takuchat use Disqus for comments?

Takuchat goes through thousands of comments per day, and involves a ton of conversation. Due to that its hard to keep track of those conversations on wordpress’ default comment system. There are no notifications, it does not dynamically load among other issues.

We agree disqus isn’t perfect but it has proven to be fairly reliable and evolving. We’ve also established a fairly good relationship with their support team. I’m happy to be in contact with them if there is a problem.

Disqus is also widely used on a large number of sites, and likely a number of visitors already have disqus accounts, or can reap the benefits of not having to login elsewhere.

So while we might  make our own comment system in the future, for now Disqus is an acceptable option.

Why do I need to one account for Disqus and one for Takuchat?

Disqus is separate from Takuchat and therefore requires a separate login.

While there is a way to have just one login for Disqus and Takuchat, its $200 per month. We simply can’t afford that option.

Essentially, the Disqus account is for commenting, and the WordPress account is for making Articles and being more involved with the community with additional features. While making both is preferred some users stick with just the Disqus account.

What is a ‘SpeakOut’ post?

A ‘SpeakOut’ post is kinda like a sub-SpeakOut, and is entirely optional and is created like an article post. It’s a place to discuss specific topics to avoid flooding the main SpeakOut page keeping it diverse and open as possible.

SpeakOut posts are by no means for general discussion, they exist for specific discussion on topics only not broad topics. These include specific games, movies, or groups. A forum article may be made on  the latest ‘Metal Gear’ title, on the other hand a forum article can’t be made on something broad like the ‘Metal Gear Series’.

SpeakOut articles can be made by any user ‘Author’ and up.