About Takuchat

Who Are Your Established Authors?

Our established authors are our users we recognize as being a part of the Takuchat name and these users alone have the right to do interviews and other public interactions in the sites name. If a user has contacted you and they claim to represent us without matching the name or e-mail, please do not respond, and please notify us of the occurrence. This applies to unreasonable behavior with your interactions with any of the people below as well.


Will NormanPhantomlink[email protected] – Site Owner -Writer- Contact for Takuchat public relations

Jacob KelloggKingKellogg[email protected]Site Owner – Writer-Contact for Moderation/User related Issues.

Isiac DaGracaDigitalWolf[email protected] – Site Owner – Writer – Contact for site related issues

Rajendram0re[email protected] – Site Owner – Writer

Erik – dracosummoner[email protected] – Writer-Website: Projected Realities, movie-review blog

Daniel generic-user-name[email protected]Writer

Matt May – Talliakara[email protected] – Social Media

GuidoNerubian Assassin[email protected] – Writer


JamieProf. Bananas Goldsteinberg[email protected] – Writer

John Dowty – Hitokiri_Ace[email protected] – Writer

When was Takuchat Started?

Takuchat was started in June 2012, and launched in July a month later.

Why does Takuchat use Disqus for comments?

Takuchat goes through thousands of comments per day, and involves a ton of conversation. Due to that its hard to keep track of those conversations on wordpress’ default comment system. There are no notifications, it does not dynamically load among other issues.

We agree disqus isn’t perfect but it has proven to be fairly reliable and evolving. We’ve also established a fairly good relationship with their support team. I’m happy to be in contact with them if there is a problem.

Disqus is also widely used on a large number of sites, and likely a number of visitors already have disqus accounts, or can reap the benefits of not having to login elsewhere.

So while we might  make our own comment system in the future, for now Disqus is an acceptable option.

Who is Takuchat Hosted By?


What’s The Story of Takuchat?

The truth is our site stems from the popular gaming site ‘Kotaku’, with our cherished ‘speakup’ area of the site. Where generally people posted random things, sometimes about gaming, sometimes about their day to day lives. It was really cool and really fun. But sadly it didn’t last, things changed and people left Kotaku, speakup was gone, and everyone wanted a new home.

So ‘KingKellog’ made a temp life raft and talked about making our own site. And some people thought it would fail and others thought it was cool and frankly, it was all really fast cause about two weeks later user DigitalWolf had jumped in and made a WordPress site.

And well, long story short, the site was kinda shitty at first, and we were still kinda sore about the kotaku thing.

Yet here we are now, way beyond that, and ready to establish our focus, which is bringing back the magic that was speakup. And creating a site run by user content.

What are the Takuchat Colors?

#849E34 – Accent green

#D4FD5C  – Night Yellow Green

#CA4B5E – Night Red

#6DC2ED – Night Light Blue

#15345C – Accent Dark Blue

Adobe Kuler Link


#333333 – BackGround

#222222 – Body

Black & White

Where can I download the Pixel Stars image and Logo?

Here’s the collection of images that have been made.

To save them, right click the thumb and select “Save link as…”