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Does The PS4 Need inFamous or Does inFamous Need The PS4?

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We have now entered February and all eyes are focused on two big games coming out in March, these are Titanfall and inFamous: Second Son. In the never ending battle for ‘mine is better than yours’ these two (console) exclusive titles are being touted by both MS and Sony, as well as the gaming press and hopeful gamers, as the first legitimate killer apps for both the Xbox One and the PS4. I, for one, couldn’t be happier about that, not because I care about the Titanfall Vs. inFamous pissing contest, I am just happy that inFamous is finally getting its time in the limelight.

infamous rise
Time for inFamous to rise to new heights?

The original inFamous was released on the PS3 by, a then independent, Sucker Punch Productions back in 2009 and indeed it did attract quite a bit of attention at the time and was often subjected to comparisons with the original Prototype which released in the same period, however, back then the PS3 wasn’t exactly selling like hotcakes and 2009 was really the first year the PS3 gained steam in the exclusive game releases department, so the “PS3 haz no gaemz” mentality was still in full swing, as a result of that it seemed as if the original landed with a whimper and not a bang, despite being well received and deserving of a bang in my opinion.

Two years later, the same year Sony would go on to, wisely, buy Sucker Punch Productions, inFamous 2 was released and while it seems to, strangely, have a lower Metacritic score than the original inFamous I found it to be much improved, with a great new setting, fun new powers, user generated content and a surprisingly good soundtrack amongst other improvements (like Zeke). Which is why it pains me to see that it performed worse than the original in terms of sales, that’s if VGCharts can be trusted. Why did inFamous 2 do so poorly even when there were more PS3s to sell to than back in the days of inFamous 1? Well the seemingly complete lack of marketing by Sony I’m sure took its toll and releasing on the same day that E3 began for 2011 would also have done its part to take away from its hype. Of course both titles have since been available on PS+ but there’s no way to tell how many people actually availed of them. That brings me back to Second Son.


"You mean they'll finally promote my game?"
“You mean they’ll finally promote my game?”

Second Son was announced at the reveal event for the PS4 (already better exposure than poor inFamous 2 ever got) and while no gameplay was shown it left a lot of people, myself included, excited to hear more. It was telling that it wasn’t called inFamous 3 and the introduction of a new main character made it even more obvious that Sucker Punch/Sony want this game to be as first-timer friendly as possible and by doing so, distancing themselves slightly from the prequels that not many people had played, similar to Killzone: Shadow Fall. As a result of being a ‘launch window’ game for the PS4, inFamous is enjoying a popularity that it has never seen before. Ironically Titanfall is ,in a way, also helping to boost the profile of inFamous (and vice versa) as the internet has any number of articles out there comparing the two games and what each one will mean for their respective console.

Sony recently revealed that Killzone: Shadow Fall sold over 2 million copies, sure being included in bundles no doubt helped but it’s still an impressive number for a new console (that happens to be performing much better than its predecessor at the same stage in its life cycle) and gives me hope that inFamous Second Son will put the series on the map along with Uncharted the way inFamous 2 should have.

infamous neon
Also, how cool does neon look?

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