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Does Kojima not care for Metal Gear Rising?

Jacob K
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With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance having just been released many people have been confused about Kojima’s view on the game,after having been asked by numerous people I decided to just make this post  for the sake of fans everywhere.

To make this simple to follow I shall split it up into sections.

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Sign 1. Repeated clarification that this is NOT his idea.

Below, I will list excerpts from multiple interviews with Kojima where he points out repeatedly that the choices in the game are not his, this will be a somewhat long read.

Int: “Why was Raiden chosen as the ninja-cyborg guy in Revengeance instead of someone like Gray Fox?”
HK: “It was actually not my idea, it was my staff in Kojima Productions that insisted on Raiden, and I respected their idea. I wanted to really focus on production than development, and they wanted to come up with a really cool hack-and-slash title with some Katana action and Raiden in it, and I thought ‘okay, that’s fine, I respect that.”

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Next up a interview from The ArabGamer

TAG: “Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4 was sort of a family man, he was mainly fighting for Rose and his son. Yet in the latest Metal Gear Rising trailer you see him killing people relentlessly like a mad dog, what happened?”

HK: [laughs] “Well originally I had planned a story for Raiden. It would take place before the events of MGS 4 and would explain a lot of his story and how he became a cyborg. Then the project was taken over by Platinum Games who then became in charge of Raiden’s character. They wanted to create a story after the events of MGS 4.”

TAG: “Ah, so they basically made him the crazy Jack we saw in the trailer.”

HK: “Yea, they wanted to take that direction.”


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Now an interview with Destructoid.

“I was working on Peace Walker, and I handed Rising off to the other staff. We had a different relationship from other working teams. I wasn’t aware of the content, really just working on Peace Walker. I probably should have stepped in to collaborate on the game design”-Hideo Kojima

Notice how he keeps pointing out that this is Not his game.

Just to nail it in, here is another quote from Kojima.

“Before I never could give complete responsibilities for other games, but for Revengeance, they are fully in control”


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Sign 2.The reveal of Ground Zeroes.

Metal Gear Ground Zeroes was announced on August 30, 2012 while Metal Gear Rising was still in development. The announcement of Ground Zeroes put a large damper on the hype around Rising.

-In the gaming industry it is very unusual to do such a thing as it would only damage the other games anticipation.



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Sign 3.The action Figure.


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Square Enix, (Play Arts) , sent Kojima a figure in his likeness with Raiden’s costume. Kojima showed it off via Twitter earlier in the week

This 2nd wasn’t sent to him by Square. Instead, Kojima took the head part off and put it on a Solid Snake figurine. You can see the image below, the left being the one he was sent and the right one being the one he created.Pretty telling if you ask me.

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kojima_figure_02_thumb (1) kojima_figure_03_thumb (1)









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Editors note- I should point out that I am not saying the game is bad, but that its not Kojima, and by association not a true MG.