[Discussion] New iPhone, or Android?

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Alright guys, most of you are pretty tech savy.. and I think I trust your opinions, and can expect some level headed opinions here. (Don’t make me regret asking! :P) lol

It’s that time again to upgrade cell phones.
Any advice?

Below is just setting the stage with a little backstory, and I only focus on the negatives.. so I apologize if it feels like I’m hounding what you like, I’m just not going to list everything I like about both.. (You don’t have to read it, just skip to the comments with your opinion if you’d rather.)

** (Also, I’m patient, and am not rushing into last years models.) **

I’m currently using an HTC Rezound; rooted, and running cyanogenmod 10.1. Honestly, as my first Android device (and first smartphone) it left a bad taste in my mouth. Now, understand I’m not blaming Android for this, I’m sure most of the issues are because of the Rezound being just a bad phone itself. (Despite it’s specs.)

-It’s a tad glitchy,

-The software support is abysmal (this is an Android problem, I understand why, don’t bother explaining.. it’s an issue regardless of “who’s fault it is”… I barely got 1 android update officially),

-The build quality is.. well it isn’t the best. (Dust behind screen, terrible stock battery, buttons are flush and terrible.. etc.)

-Not to mention syncing gamepads through bluetooth, that never happened.. and was a main thing I looked forward to on Android.

I had an iPod Touch 2g before, and it was jailbroken since day 1. (Literally looked up how to jailbreak it, and was ready before I even got the device). Frankly, neither OS is “perfect” or “good enough” for me to not want to hack it. I’m fine with doing that. My main, and I mean MAIN problem with iOS.. is I have to use iTunes. Maybe it’s better now.. but back when I used to use it.. it was a nightmare on a Windows PC.  Couple that with non-expandable memory and the battery being non-replaceable and you see my negatives for iOS devices.

I mainly use my smartphone for: reading books (a lot), reading manga (quite a bit), music (a ton), browsing the internet (rarely), gaming (rarely, though emulation would be neat to try)

Anybody have anything to point out or talk about?
.. about what’s great, or not so great, about your device(s)?
I look forward to seeing the opinions of everyone..
I’ll see ya in the comments. :)