[Forum] Let’s Share Our Pokémon X and Y Experiences Here!

After thinking the situation over, I reasoned that a dedicated Pokémon X/Y discussion thread could potentially have practical benefits for making social arrangements such as for trades and battles. Those and other in-game conversations, such as for discussing Pokémon strategies or bragging about favorites, can be moved to this page. Our Community Profiles section may need to be updated but should have a lot of our 3DS Friend Code information on our personal IDs or within the community-profile page’s comments for easy reference.

Pokémon X and Y introduce a new twist on the series’ classic “Safari Zone,” which allowed players to find and catch exotic Pokémon under the condition of several rules, by randomly assigning each 3DS owner (including system owners who do not play Pokémon) an elemental type and several Pokémon of that type. More details on this concept may be found here on Serebii.net.

This is a listing of Takuchat users who are verified players of Pokémon X and/or Y, with their in-game names and their according Safari Zone types and species to be given afterward.

Friend Safari listings


[Friend Code] 0430-9590-3723
[In-game Name] Renzo
[Safari Type] Psychic

[Safari Pokémon] Abra, Espurr, Duosion


[Friend Code] 0087-3619-0214
[In-game Name] Dejima
[Safari Type] Fighting

[Safari Pokémon] Meditite, Pancham


[Friend Code] 5215-0029-5812
[In-game Name] Erik
[Safari Type] Grass

[Safari Pokémon] Pansage, Swadloon, Quilladin

Dryd Aykma

[Friend Code] 2234-7122-5933
[In-game Name] Cooly (3DS and Safari name: Hurdie)
[Safari Type] Dragon

[Safari Pokémon] Fraxure, Shelgon, Druddigon


[Friend Code] 2449-5905-7648
[In-game Name] Zach
[Safari Type] Bug

[Safari Pokémon] Combee, Volbeat, Venomoth


[Friend Code] 1547-5186-1729
[In-game Name] John
[Safari Type] Fighting

[Safari Pokémon] Mankey, Pancham, Riolu


[Friend Code] 1719-3494-5614
[In-game Name] Hongo
[Safari Type] Ghost

[Safari Pokémon] Lampent, Phantump

King Koopa

[Friend Code] 3737-9576-1289
[In-game Name] Koop
[Safari Type] Dragon

[Safari Pokémon] Fraxure, Dragonair

Nerubian Assassin The Writer

[Friend Code] 0103-9696-3592
[In-game Name] (Unverified)
[Safari Type] (Unverified)

[Safari Pokémon] (Unverified)


[Friend Code] 5129-0808-6061
[In-game Name] Kyzer
[Safari Type] Ghost

[Safari Pokémon] Lampent, Pumpkaboo, Dusclops


[Friend Code] 1032-1237-0432
[In-game Name] Will
[Safari Type] Flying

[Safari Pokémon] Pidgey, Woobat

Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

[Friend Code] 2406-5128-1652
[In-game Name] MooCowDX
[Safari Type] Poison

[Safari Pokémon] Cascoon, Garbodor


[Friend Code] 5129-0222-0564
[In-game Name] Thymes
[Safari Type] Steel

[Safari Pokémon] Ferroseed, Forretress

If you have any changes or additional requests or suggestions, please feel free to share those as well as general Pokémon X and Y discussion topics in the comments below. One advantage of Pokémon’s multiplayer system is that traditional trades or battles do not necessarily require a lot of time, and as such any “game-night” requests can be spread out into multiple sessions across multiple nights, as opposed to trying to schedule a perhaps hours-long gathering for large portions of the Takuchat community. Enjoy the thread!