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Destiny would be an amazing third person shooter.

Jacob K
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Now, I’ll just get this out of the way. I love First Person Shooters, and I adored the Destiny Beta and Alpha, in fact I put arond 50 hours into them. But there is one thing I felt could make Destiny better.

That thing being the ability to play from 3rd person, now if you play games you know there is no major shortage of shooters. Especially first person ones, because of the over saturation of shooters for the past few years many gamers have become tired of them, but 3rd person shooters haven’t reached that point of saturation ( yet ).

This led me to a strange string of thoughts when playing Destiny, and that thought of course was ” What if Destiny allowed 3rd person play besides the FPS gameplay?”.

The more I thought about it the more having 3rd person seemed to make sense, just think about it. In Destiny you are gave the ability to make your guardian and customize them to a pretty good degree, you change your armor, the color of your gear and your special items. This all leads to a pretty personal Guardian. but the problem is you don’t get to see them much outside of the Tower.

Now if you had the option to play the game in 3rd person not only would you be able to see your awesome Guardian and all that glorious loot you have horded, but it would also open the game up to a Huge crowd that otherwise wouldn’t play the game.

Being an avid supporter of Bungie and Destiny I try to sell my friends on the game on a pretty regular basis, one of the questions that is always asked is ” Is it an FPS” and of course I answer them, and immediately after they are no longer interested.The odd thing is that many of these people play 3rd person shooters, by simply adding this feature ( a feature that is partly added already( See the Tower or Halo’s Theater modes 3ps option)) and they were interested in the game until hearing it was “Just another FPS”.

I know many people are going to simply dismiss this and say “Destiny is an FPS’ but really, why does that matter? In Halo, and Destiny you control vehicles from 3rd person, as well as turrets. Furthermore in Destiny when you do your super moves you move out to 3rd person to see your character, though temporary it always is awesome to finally get to see your character, then you are brought back into First person view, and to be honest, sometimes I would like to just stay in 3rd person and look at my character.


Now A ton of people are probably wondering, what would Destiny look like in 3rd person, and luckily for us TwilightGap over at Imgur made a rather awesome and large gallery of 3rd person screens in Destiny. You can view the gallery below.

  • Jonathan Hall

    All shooters should have the option to toggle between 1st, and 3rd person perspective. I would have loved to have played Aliens: Colonial Marines in 3rd person. I honestly believe developers would sell more games if they started including this option. Not everyone likes one ore the other. Personally, I hate 1st person shooters. The perspective aggravates me to death, and I can’t stand the lack of any peripheral vision.

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  • chava

    I had the same idea when I used to play halo. The reality is that this game is meant to be played as an fps. Its an added element to the gameplay that requires more of your skill. It would not be the same as a 3-rd person shooter.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      What makes it worst in Halo is if you go to theater mode you can watch All of your gameplay in 3rd person, and it looked good.

      Sure you might get owned by the FPS guys, I would still enjoy it for the story on occasion :D

  • guest

    How the heck do you take 3rd person pictures?

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      According to the guy “Space magic”.

    • chava

      all seem to be taken between transitions off of the d pad actions and reloading the rocket.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      The person did it amazingly.

  • SomethingShameful

    Might as well have it.Not much a reason not to.

  • Supsharoo.

    Id use it

  • guest

    Wow that looks good

  • GUN®

    I think it’d be cool to have the option for exploration but I doubt the gunplay would feel half as good in 3rd person, though that’s the way it is in Beth games and I still like having the option so I say add it in Bungie.

    Also that gif where she dodges all those plasma shots by bowing was really cool.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      Yeah, that gif just looked amazing.

      And I do agree, it would be sweet to have at least as an option, I know I’d use it on occasion.