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DayZ Documentaries

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My first DayZ video is up and I would like to take this time to give you some back story on how myself and my squad start where we are and why our guns are pointed at a seemingly innocent player.

It was a normal night on DayZ for me

I was looting Cherno after spawning on the coast,  for such a populated server there was not much action going on, that was about to change. After taking my fill of ammo, food and water to sustain my character for some DayZ shenanigans I began to exit the east side of Cherno when all of a sudden a player emerges from the bushes shouting “FRIENDLY FRIENDLY FRIENDLY!!!”  The call of many a player in DayZ who is looking to either team up or lure you into a false sense of security before planting some rounds in your dome piece.  I thought about shooting him dead in the street but after thinking “If he was a bandit he could have killed me and I would never have seen him” and summarized that he probably was a friendly player.

This players name was Alec and although I didn’t know it yet, this chance meeting would lead to some insane moments and gameplay. I instructed Alec in side chat to switch to direct communication so I could relay my plans to find a player who was meeting some guys with a car and kill them all and steal the vehicle. He was game. We started our journey to Elektro, one of the main hubs of activity and bandits in DayZ. After setting of East towards Elektro I noticed in side chat that a player was offering free lifts to anyone who wanted one, this was my opportunity to get a vehicle without doing any more leg work, I asked for a lift and gave my coordinates for the ‘friendly’ player to pick me up.

I instructed Alec in Direct Communication (Direct Communication can only be read by players in your immediate vicinity) to hide in the bushes and wait for the vehicle in case this meeting went south. We waited for about 10 minutes until the faint sound of a engine could be heard in the distance making its way towards us. Sure enough a Ural (A big ass transport vehicle) was speeding down the road towards us. It stopped about 10 feet away from me (And Alec hidden in a bush across the street) and the player, Kieran his name was, told me in side chat to “Hop in Buddy!!”

His enthusiasm made me feel a little bit bad for what I was about to do

Especially since there isn’t many good guy players in DayZ, I raised my Lee Enfield Rifle (A personal favorite of mine) at his head and before he knew it his brains were occupying  the passenger seat next to him. I felt a little guilty but the feeling past when I got into the Ural with Alec and we set of to pick up a friend of his who he assured me was not a bandit. During the long drive to Kamenka to pick up Everett, Alecs friend I began to wonder would I end up like Kieran, sprawled on the side of the road with a bullet in my head and left with no vehicle. However I decided to trust Alec as he could have killed me at any stage before this. And with a small degree of suspicion we met up with Everett and started to make plans to raid a near by air field called Balota Airstrip.

This presented a problem as we had a large and loud vehicle and we couldn’t just cruise down one of the most dangerous locations in the game. I suggest we drive around the airfield, giving it a wide berth to ensure we are not discovered, and park the Ural in the woods North East of the Airstrip. We get out of the Ural, sit on the ground and begin to make a plan on how best to approach the airfield, this is when I spot a player sneaking up on us with just a hatchet, I panic and scramble to my feet and aim my rifle at him, Alec and Everett had their backs to me and had no idea  a potential axe murderer was behind them. Once the two guys realize I see a player they two get up and aim at him. The player, who’s name I forget sits down to show submission. This presented another problem, we cant raid the airfield as this player knows we are here and where our Ural is.

This is where the video begins. The barrels of our guns pointed at this player. Be sure to read the chat going on on the bottom left of the screen as we discuss what to do with this guy.

(At the time of upload it is onlay available in 480p, however 1080p will soon be available, for some reason it takes a little bit of time before you can watch in 1080p)