Contact with Maia team has been lost

Maia Earth Comm HQ has confirmed that contact has been lost with the Maia expedition following a ‘blackout’.

It is thought that the planet’s sudden environmental changes have resulted in the communication failure.

Previously, factors such as the planet’s harsh atmosphere and indigenous life have been responsible for communication and progress delays, but engineers on Maia have managed to weather the conditions and contact has rarely been lost for more than a week.

An Earth Comm HQ spokesperson confirmed other recent reports of ‘ferocious indigenous creature attacking colonists’ and ‘probes being knocked out by solar storms,’ but added: ‘It really is too soon to speculate on the exact nature or cause of the blackout.’


The Maia mission has seen a select group of scientists, engineers, biologists and other specialists investigating the planet and attempting to make it suitable for human habitation.

Arnold Heinberg of the European Space Research Department stated: ‘I’m sure that the people on Maia, they’re perfectly safe.

‘We’ve known for a few years that Maia had the potential to become habitable by humans, and early signs have been very promising.”

Unusual ‘poetry’

Several media outlets have also reported unusual transmissions that have been picked up by amateur radio enthusiasts across the world and which seem to have their origins on Maia.

The transmissions vary, some containing obscure ‘poetry’, with themes such as death, love and how a mechanic spends an unusual amount of time locked in a room full of oil, according to one report.

Communication specialist Jennifer Ryder claimed that the source of these transmissions are from the AI operated machines on Maia and not manually inputted by the humans that live there.

Ryder told us that she ‘couldn’t reveal any more information’ even if she had any, but that ‘mankind should prepare itself for a cosmic change.’


Early access for Maia begins tomorrow, if we receive access we will be showing our impressions of the game.  When asking the PR department about the game I was given the following:

It’s a sci-fi god game from Machine Studios – a small indie dev founded by former Frontier programmer Simon Roth. Last year Simon took to Kickstarter and raised £140,000 to develop a super-ambitious god game where every element is minutely simulated.

We look forward to it