We certainly appreciate all the video uploading we can get, and their original articles! For now though, (until we figure out another way to do it) The Official TC youtube access is restricted to Editors, Admins, and Owners (and those with special permission from an admin/owner).

However, any of us would be happy to upload to the official TC youtube if we are provided with the Video file. Here… you can find who has access. Reach out to us here, or on speakout by using @(insert disqus name).

Thank you for understanding.

Youtube uses native .MP4 codec, and is what I recommend as your default file format. Not only is it compressed while still retaining majority of its quality, it also uploads significantly faster. You tube doesn’t support anything above 30FPS so if your video seems “jittery,” Its likely because you converted or edited at a frame rate higher than 30.