Community Guidelines

Welcome To Takuchat!

[toc]Takuchat is something we feel is a rather unique concept, ‘a forum with a blog-like mentality’. You as a user is  a commentator, and if you like, a writer as well. All of our front page articles, reviews, and other content are user generated. And we’d love for you to join in on that.

This is all with the purpose of generating meaningful discussion on a diverse set of topics from gaming to anime or otaku culture in general. This is a place to have fun, and respect each others interests, and maybe even learn new things as you go.

But alas this can’t be achieved without establishing some guidelines first. For all additional questions please refer to the FAQs page

Community Guidelines


  1. The purpose of Takuchat is to discuss games and otaku culture alike, and for this reason including personal attacks in a debate is not permitted.

  2. If an argument gets personal and is not resolved within two comments, the whole thread will be deleted

  3. Takuchat is open-minded to not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content and discussion on the condition that it is reasonably relevant to gaming or otaku culture. Said NSFW topics must not be directly linked or immediately viewable to every visitor. This means breaking links (such as with spaces in the middle of the URL) or hiding conversations with long breaks of “v”s. If you’re not sure if something would be considered NSFW, please be considerate of others who may be offended.

    Takuchat is open-minded to not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content on the condition that it is reasonably relevant to gaming or otaku culture. Said NSFW content must not be directly linked, or the link should be broken, such as with spaces in the middle of the URL. If you’re not sure if something is considered NSFW or not, break the link anyway.

  4. We at Takuchat encourage well written articles to be linked, but some articles don’t lead to meaningful conversation. We do not permit linking to articles that feed on misconception and hate. If the comment section on said linked article is full of hate, do not bring that hate back here.

  5. We do not permit directly linking to illegal sites relating to piracy or the like. If you must link something, link a Google search.


  1. A comment mod is not permitted to delete posts from within their own conversations; comment moderations must be handled by a third-party.

  2. An article post that doesn’t comply with our article guidelines should not be edited or deleted but should instead be set back to ‘pending review’ status.

  3. While site moderators do have specific privileges and abilities not granted to ordinary users, mods must still abide by Takuchat guidelines and behave accountably for words and actions just the same.


  1. Front-page articles should not be entirely personal by nature: while we adopt a blog mentality, if your post isn’t relevant to other people on an information level or a discussion level, it likely does not belong on the front page and should instead go in our off-topic discussion section, known as Speakout.

  2. Takuchat articles aim for variety, but article posts should remain on topic. For example, gaming, movies, anime, otaku culture and the like are acceptable topics. We understand that posts can be relevant without necessarily fitting into one of these categories; we nonetheless ask that you use discretion in picking post subject matter.

  3. Proper sourcing must be used, as plagiarism will not be tolerated. If there was an original source for this information or collection of information, it must be sourced. Images like screenshots, for instance, are usually public domain, but if creative liberties were taken, the image must be sourced if a source can be found.

  4. We do not permit articles to inspire hate or controversy.  All articles should aim to inspire meaningful conversation or debate. If an article is found to not achieve this, it will be removed.

  5. NSFW content is permitted in articles but must be categorized as NSFW and hidden under an NSFW tag ( Show/hide

    Not-safe-for-work content will go here. hide

    ), the article must also be labeled with Show/hide

    in the title. A post not following these guidelines will be removed. We also emphasize you will by no means post distinctly pornographic content, as this is not a porn site.

  6. For Takuchat, exposure and quality is important for everyone. All articles must therefore have proper tags and categories. Also note that once a post is first submitted, it also posts to Tumblr and other sites, so please make sure your article contains correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar before submitting your post. You can ask another user or an editor to check your post if needed.


  1. It’s great that you want to support Takuchat with an exclusive project of some sort like a podcast or comic, but in order to associate it with the Takuchat name, you must first be approved for the ‘Established Authors’ page.

  2. A project specifically using the Takuchat name must be approved by an administrator first (or another administrator); otherwise it will be removed once confirmed no one approved it. We’re not that picky; you really should just ask. This is a matter of security.


  1. Rules must have consequences associated with them, and because of this we follow a strike system. While some offences do warrant immediate action, such as those listed below, smaller offences amount to strikes. Action will be taken upon the 3rd strike, and said strikes must be approved by two admins.

  2. Other offences require immediate action, things such as openly and intentionally posting pornographic content, spam, or abusing our posting system may initially be handled by the first mod/admin who sees the offending content. After that, however, two admins must agree on what to do about the offending user if necessary.