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Check Your E-mails, The SimCity Beta Started Again, Ends Tomorrow Morning!?

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Just checked my e-mail and got this.

Come be the new Mayor in SimCity! The second SimCity Closed Beta has begun and will continue until 6:01am PST on Sunday, February 17th. The SimCity Closed Beta offers fans the chance to play a one hour slice of the game while we stress test our servers before the game launches March 5. Beta players can play the one-hour slice of the game multiple times during the beta period.

Follow these simple steps to get ready to play:


 Install the latest version of Origin.


 Launch and login to Origin. If you do not have an Origin account, click the “Create an Account” link on the login screen.


 Once you’ve logged in, select the “Origin” tab, click “Redeem Product Code” and then enter your unique product code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX


 Go to “My Games” to download and install the SimCity Closed Beta.


 When the installation is complete, press “Play” to launch SimCity.

The Maxis team is eager to get your feedback to make this SimCity the best yet! Have fun and be sure to visit to learn more about the game!

Thank you,

I dunno if I seriously missed out or if they just like doing freak betas like this.

Either way I missed the last one (despite making the post about it) and i’m definitely doing this one.