The Cast for the Live action Lupin movie is in the wild

Did you know there’s a Lupin the third movie in production ?No ?Well guess what !There is ! And Now we finally got some new info on it,check it out.

The cast is officially out,now we can cruelly judge it! ( look at the dang picture )

Read up on the actors with these links

  1.  Tadanobu Asano as Inspector Zenigata
  2. Go Ayano as Goemon
  3. Shun Oguri as Lupin
  4. Tetsuji Tamayama as Jigen
  5. Meisa Kuroki as Fujiko

As for the director, it’s Ryuhei Kitamura  known for  Azumi and  Godzilla Final Wars .
So what do you think, is this a cruel abomination,or does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy?Well start talking.