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Brotherly Co-op with KNACK

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Knack, probably the PS4’s most controversial launch title, has garnered it’s fair share of dislike and praise. There’s people who have been split on the title. It’s far from perfect, but it’s no 4/10. It’s solid for what it is, despite being a bit simplistic. It’s a title I really wish they would release a demo for to give people a better idea.


One aspect of the game that could make it better for many people is the inclusion of local co-op. Yes, local co-op, that rare feature that many games toss out the window anymore in favor of online multiplayer. Family Gamer TV has a couple of videos of two brothers venturing around in Knack in co-op, in which they seem to have a good time with it, which is all that matters in the end, right?



I can speak from experience, having played through the game with my sister, but we are both in our early 20’s, with her not being much into games other than what’s on the App Store, The Sims or Animal Crossing, so that might not really count. I will say that it’s a decent co-op game that inexperienced players can do decent at on Easy difficulty.


I’d say that if you have siblings, a spouse or children, Knack is worth a look for it’s co-op alone.


Co-op makes everything better.


via Family Gamer TV