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Bored? Try being Immortal

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Ok so Its 4:30 am and I still need to stay up till at least 6 or so, so I figured while I had nothing to do while logged into World of Warcraft I would do some old BC raids myself and try to get a full set of Tier6 raid gear to Transmog with ( if you dont know what that is, its fine thats not the point behind this article ).  So I do the three raids being Sunwell, Black Temple, and Hyjal Summit and get all but one piece of gear so it wasn’t that bad.  At the end of Black Temple after hoping to get one of the legendary Blades of Azzinoth (and failing) I decided to pack it up since I was done.  Using my magic hearthstone which teleport me anywhere to a selected “home” in the game to leave, I ran into a problem.  My internet glitched out for a second and DC’d me.  When I loaded back in, I was still inside the raid but my hearthstone was used, so now its on a 15 minute cooldown so I was given the following options:

A) Wait around for 15 minutes

B) Run from the start of the raid to the entrance, taking maybe 10 minutes or so?

C) See if the mobs can kill me so I have to run from the graveyard outside the raid doors for even quicker travel which turns into 10 minutes of me standing there trying to be killed but its impossible and I then spend the next 30-40 minutes downloading FRAPS, Movie Maker and Video Encoders getting everything recorded and compressed, which is a total waste of time compared to a 15 minute hearthstone.

My decision? Well…

You see, since its an old raid I massively outgear and outlevel everything inside of it.  The tanks during this raid would normally have 17-20k health, and I’m sitting here with 417k or so.  I have a talent as a warrior called Second Wind where when my health drops below 35%, I gain back 3% a second which in this case is 12,500.  I thought maybe if I grabbed the largest group of mobs I didnt kill going towards the boss they could outdo my regen and kill me to save me a walk…. Seems I was wrong.  I sat there watching my health go from 32-35% over and over again while they wailed at me doing nothing.  Kinda made me feel like Kirito when he’s attacked by the assassin clan in SAO and his regular regen is faster then their DPS


Moral of the story?  I’m sitting here bored…

Update: After uploading the video, it seems that pretty much every piece of gear I got tonight to transmog with, I already have but it was stored in a separate storage bank I forgot all about, hurrah!