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Lies, Artificial Intelligence, Black mail, Stockholm syndrome, Cloning, Threats, MURDER? and more on the smallest "gaming" community on the web

| Categories: Gaming | 43 Comments », an odd name for an even odder website, known only to a handful of regular users and the rare web-crawler on who may have taken note at one point or another as articles gets submitted by site founder … Continue reading

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The Catfish Killer

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We received an email 2 days ago sent from a [email protected], the email contained: a 5 minute video of a person playing GTA Online, some incoherent rambling about Willem Dafoe, although he is spoken of like a God of some … Continue reading

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Did You Know About Big Boss’s New Technique In Ground Zeroes? Plus A Share Factory Issue That Needs To Be Fixed

Teaching an Old Snake New Tricks

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Anyone who knows me on knows that Metal Gear Solid is the reason I game, I’m a huge fan of the series and I like to think I know the ins and out of just about every MGS title. … Continue reading