An Evil Plot to Manipulate the Grand Theft Auto V Stock Market

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So in GTA V the Bawsaq stock market is tied to player actions. Beta Pharmaceutical are the guys who operate the cloning vats that give GTA protagonists immortality. So here’s a plan.

At some point this week end, and we’ll all have to agree on a time, we’re all going to invest into Beta Pharmaceutical. All of our money. Then we’re going to get as many friends as we can find to go along with this cunning plan. Then we’re going to go play in traffic, suck on the end of shot guns learn to fly mama-bird style sans the wings, smell scratching and sniff stickers at the bottom of the ocean. What ever it takes to kill our selves as quickly and rapidly as possible. We’re going to try to d this for at least an hour. I’m hoping we can get at least 1 kill ever 2 minutes (so we can have fun with it, you know?) but if you want to just straight up grind then go for it.

The plan is to try to boost Beta Pharmaceutical’s stocks then to cash out when they go up.

So who’s in? Who’s ready to play the most evil game the the world, responsible for ruining the lives of millions and corrupting the minds of men and children alike? Who’s ready to play the stock market?

Once we generate enough buzz we’ll schedule a time and get this gravy train rolling!



A quick update. Our friends ore at GTA 5 Stock Market Manipulation  have come up with this tip for working the system on a smaller scale. Go check them out to share and learn about more tips and tricks for working with in the system!

LCN Stock Market Opposing Companies:

Coolbeans – Beanmachine
Burgershot – Up-an-atom
Cluckin Bell – – Tacobomb
FlyUS – AirEmu
GoPostal – PostOp
Bilkington – DollarPills
Pisswasser – Logger
Mazebank – bankofLiberty
Redwood – Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead
RadioLosSantos – WorldWideFM
eCola – Raine
A good Tactic is to go out and buy say Gopostal stocks and then go and destroy Postop vans and watch your stocks rise and then sell….rinse and repeat…