About Us

Welcome, first off this is not a news site…

“But boy does it look like one!”

So let me make this clear right off the bat, TakuChat is not a news site. We are not competing with Kotaku, Game Informer, polygon or any other gaming news site.

TakuChat is one giant forum, taking the shape of a news site. See here’s the idea, there are tons of news sites, but they’re all handled by actual writers and junk.  And this is all cool and stuff, but these people make money off of those sites a living. And while we have our favorites, and I am sure they love their jobs. Yet, in the end a number of articles can seem to cater to a higher view count, more comments, more ads viewed, etc.

There is nothing wrong with this at all, after all, you’re in the business to make money. But where’s the fun? What about people who just like telling people about stuff. What about people who aren’t the best writers, and are extremely casual in their writing, and frankly have no interest in making a living off of it.

Or maybe someone wants that career, and simply needs a medium to unleash their writing prowess? Perhaps someone who wants to do something they have always wanted a news site to do?

How can they put their stuff in a public medium? They could make their own blog and advertise themselves; yet who has time for that? They just want to write stuff, tell people about cool things, or express their views of the world (namely gaming and junk).

So the idea of this site is simple, we made this site for you to put stuff on it. Right now as soon as you register with the site you can immediately submit an article, opinion post, video, image gallery, or whatever. Just so long as it’s related to gaming, technology, or the nerd/otaku life style. We’ll take a look at it, and if it’s not some Troll posting porn well approve it!

Make a few awesome posts, and we’ll let you loose unrestricted. Simple as that.

We give you enough tools to make a beautiful article, and help you along the way, just check out our ‘Posting Guidelines’ for a few general rules, and ‘Tutorials’ for more details.


But of course the best part of any site is community, and we value community. The truth is our site stems from the popular gaming site ‘Kotaku’, with our cherished ‘speakup’ area of the site. Where generally people posted random things, sometimes about gaming, sometimes about their day to day lives? It was really cool and really fun. But sadly it didn’t last, things changed and people left Kotaku, speakup was gone, and everyone wanted a new home.

So ‘KingKellog’ made a temp life raft and talked about making our own site. And some people thought it would fail and other thought it was cool and frankly, it was all really fast cause about two weeks later I had jumped in and made a WordPress site.

And well, long story short, the site was kinda shitty at first, and we were still kinda sore about the kotaku thing.

Yet here we are now, way beyond that, and ready to establish our focus, which is bringing back the magic that was speakup. And creating a site run by user content.

Like I said, TakuChat is one giant forum.

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