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Need For Speed Returns

Jacob K
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Electronic Arts has announced the next Need for Speed, which is apparently a Reboot.The game is being Developed by Ghost Games and will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this fall. The game will feature deep customization … Continue reading

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Happy Piccolo Day!

Jacob K
| Categories: Gaming | 7 Comments »

Yet again the most immaculate of holidays comes upon us,this glorious day is of course Piccolo day. For you have lived under a rock our grand King Piccolo celebrates his illustrious holiday by destroying one sector of our unworthy little planet. Of … Continue reading

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Lies, Artificial Intelligence, Black mail, Stockholm syndrome, Cloning, Threats, MURDER? and more on the smallest "gaming" community on the web

| Categories: Gaming | 43 Comments », an odd name for an even odder website, known only to a handful of regular users and the rare web-crawler on who may have taken note at one point or another as articles gets submitted by site founder … Continue reading

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[Reviews] Movie Review: Avengers – Age of Ultron

Marvel's superbly exciting follow-up to the 2012 megahit proves that sometimes bigger really is better

| Categories: Comics, Takuchat Topics, [Reviews] | 3 Comments »

Artificial intelligence really is a doozy–every time you turn around, it seems another robot has turned rogue on its well-meaning maker and needs to be put down. Who better to do the job than Marvel’s delightfully imperfect and thoroughly lovable … Continue reading