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5 Reasons to consider going digital for Pokémon X and Y *Updated*

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So the next wave of Pokemon adventures is upon us, and some of you may still be debating whether to go hard copy or digital for the 6th gen. Some people may think hard copy to be the choice without debate, but I wouldn’t agree this time. Instead, here are 5 good reasons for you to seriously consider getting a digital copy of Pokemon X or Y. Starting with the more obvious reasons, and ending on a note that you might not have even considered!

1. It’s digital… with guaranteed midnight launch, or earlier!

This one speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The game goes live on the eShop at 12 est, so in some time zones you’ll get it earlier! No gas cost, no waiting in line(in the cold), no horrible electronics employees. Just download and go go go!

2. Always with you, always active.

Another one that needs little explanation. No cart switching, no deciding if you want to take this game or another, Pokemon X/Y will be right there on your system, and battle/streetpass ready.

3. Multiple save files.

With a digital copy of X or Y, your save files are only limited by the number of SD cards you own… this goes along with other digital games with limited save files, and SD cards thankfully aren’t expensive.

(Please see update below)

4. Cloning made easy.

Thank you Nintendo, for a reasonably priced Pokemon Bank. It’s the best idea you’ve had for this series in years… This Pokemon cloud service is a benefit to hard copy buyers as well, but it also means those of us with digital copies can very easily clone our Pokemon over and over, and probably our items too. Even if you don’t want to use Pokemon Bank, or it can’t store hold items, then all you need is a friend, or another copy of the game. And when it comes to friends, you’re only one cloning session away from any event Pokemon you might might have missed!

5. Multiple saves… with the same OT!

So maybe for some people this isn’t a big deal, but if you save your game right after starting (and before picking a Pokemon), then copy that file to another SD card, then all your save files can have the same original trainer and trainer ID.

Why does this matter? Well, some people just like having all of their Pokemon to be listed as originally belonging to them, but there are more benefits than just that. Want to begin the game with all the starters? For the first time ever, you can have all of them with on a single trainer ID, without ever having to breed or egg hatch. With this method, you’ll never have to worry about Pokemon from your other sessions being too high of a level and ignoring orders… which in turn means for a speed run, you could use a team of level 100 Pokemon from another completed run and have no issues at all! Gosh I love the digital age…

So I’m sure there are other benefits I’ve not listed here, but I hope this gives pause to those who might not have considered it before. Going digital is even more enticing for Pokemon than it is for certain other games… I’m sure some people will even get one version digitally and the other in hard copy!

*Update* After writing this article I’ve been informed that Nintendo has implemented measures to stop multiple saves from being created for the more recent 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This was conflicting to previous reports I’d read, and I apologize for not stating a possibility for it to be locked, up front. I have investigated first hand, and found out that the system does indeed disable previous saves when making a new ones, even though it’s on another card. The information is somehow tied to your system itself. There is probably a way to work around this, but any options for such are likely elaborate… In any case, Pokemon has yet to be released digitally, and it won’t be until December until we find out how Pokemon Box effects the matter, so multiple saves and cloning are an honest possibility, but not yet a fact. Sorry for any confusion.

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    Midnight Launch? lol. I order my games online and get them in my mailbox 2 days before launch!