A summary of this morning’s Nintendo Direct.

This morning on Nintendo Direct!


Tomodachi Collection 3DS

A sequel to the DS game released in ’09, it’s a handheld life simulator much like the Sims with Nintendo flavor Ala animal crossing. The 3DS version comes with street pass, you can set personality traits and is due for release 04/18/2013 JP.

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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies

The 6th game in the super popular puzzle adventure series Professor Layton. This time developer Level-5 takes on an adventure to investigate a living mummy!


 Youkai Watch

Shown last year at the “level-5 world” event, its platform wasnt confirmed. Today it was announced as a 3DS exclusive.


Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission

A 3D card game incorporating all of the epic fights from the start of the Z series all the way to GT, and even the bady from the upcoming movie. The game will include 800+ collectible cards, 200+ characters, and will support multiplayer. The game will come with an extensive single player game, including QR, and street pass. The game will be released nest week.

Super Robot Wars UX

Will have 3d characters, but will still be represented in the traditional robot wars way. A stunning, special star field carbon black 3DS XL bundle will be available the same day as the game release release on March 14th. (must resist import of gorgeous 3DSXL This will be the first time Super Robot Wars sees a release on the platform.


Shin Megami Tensei IV sees a may 23rd release, and a special 3DS bundle will be available as well. (apparently, there will be 400 types of demons)



 Zelda GBC games: Oracle of seasons, and Oracle of ages hitting the Eshop early march!


Monster Hunter 4

New trailer and scheduled for release this summer.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sees a japan release on March 20th

Touch Detective: Funghi’s Big Breed. Due out next week

Guild 02 will be released as 3 separate download titles.

-Inafune’s tank vs. bug battling game.

-Kazu Ayabe presents Monsters’ Friday.

-Spaceship Damray.

DQX Beta: Wii U starting 3/6. Version 3 update on 3/5

Monster Hunter 3U 3DS will receive an update to play online via net adapter.